Alternative Visions for Urban Regeneration

Fablevision Studios has collaborated with the University of the West of Scotland to produce and publish “Govan-Gdansk: Heritage, Regeneration and Alternative Futures”, an academic overview of how artist residences (T S Beall, Nic Green, Lee Ivett, Tom Manley, Andrew McAvoy, John Mullen, Ben Parry, Roman Sebastyanski), under the auspices of project leaders, Professor Kataryzna Kosmala, Graham Jeffery and Elizabeth Gardiner, can act as a catalyst for facilitating community engagement in the development and regeneration of historic post-industrial riverside sites such the Gdansk Shipyard and the Govan Graving Docks.

The research offers a counterpoint and counter-narrative to conventional top-down urban regeneration which tends to be imposed by traditional power structures often with only cursory consultation and engagement with local communities.