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Riverside Solidarity Exhibition at the QEUH – Glasgow

The joint Fablevision-UWS project, Riverside Solidarity, culminates in a final exhibition of works at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) running from 9 December 2017 to 10 June 2018 (09:00-17:00). A introductory seminar will be held between 13:00 and 16:00 on Friday, 2 February, 2018, followed by an exhibition preview event which will run from 16:00-18:00.

Riverside Solidarity is a year-long exploration of the shared experience of two riverside communities: Govan, Scotland and Gdansk, Poland. Rightly proud of their shipbuilding histories and looking to the future, these communities now face the complex challenges posed by the type and nature of post-industrial regeneration. Over the course of 2017 artists in both communities have formulated a series of questions to address these challenges. What could/should be the future for our industrial heritage? How should these places be preserved or marked? How do people want to use them now?

Hosted by Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS in the QEUH, this final exhibition is funded by Creative Scotland. Working in Govan – and collaborating with colleagues in Gdansk – artists T S Beall, Andy McAvoy, John Mullen, Ben Parry and Lee Ivett, have attempted to address these questions. The work of the artistic team, including, T S Beall with “Strong Women of the Clydeside “and Anna Miler/Metropolitanka, Kamila Chomicz, Magdalena Drozdek, Neil Mackinnon, Andrew McAvoy with Kris Kesiak, John Mullen, Ben Parry and Lee Ivett, Roman Sebastyanski and Fablevision Studios, has been curated by Professor Katarzyna Kosmala (University of the West of Scotland) and Krisztina Lackoi (Exhibitions and Performing Arts Coordinator, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde).

The project has coincided with the anniversary of the Solidarity movement’s/Solidarność signing of the iconic Gdansk Agreement in August 1980; an event of such pivotal significance in the history of Poland and Eastern Europe, it predicated the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

In Govan the project has covered the period of the 45th anniversary of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in, which led to the Heath government’s backdown and the continuance of shipbuilding on this stretch of the Clyde until February 1972.

Over the duration of the exhibition there will be film screenings, guided walks and talks.

Funding Officer Wanted

If you have experience as a Funding Officer and would like to work for Fablevision Studios, please contact Liz Gardiner at info@fablevision.org at the earliest opportunity. This position is a CJS position funded by SCVO.

Fablevision Studios is a social enterprise media production company which specialises in HD video, graphics, web design, publications and event management.

For further information on the role, please see the attached job description for details. Deadline for applications is 4th December, 2017. This appointment will commence from January 2018.

The Pocket Guide to Glasgow Social Enterprise Network

The Pocket Guide to GSEN

Fablevision Studios and Glasgow Social Enterprise Network [GSEN] are to collaborate on a new project to produce an in-depth guidebook to the network and showcase the extensive range of products and services now being offered by its members.

If you are part of GSEN already, you would like to join, or you are planning to start a social enterprise within Glasgow or environs, contact Elizabeth McKenna at GSEN for further details.

Best Practice in Mellow Parenting

Fablevision Studios is working on a video compilation for Govan-based Mellow Ability. The programme, which will have a running time of around 12 minutes (1-2 minutes per section), will focus on six key dimensions under the headings: Responsiveness, Co-operation, Anticipation, Control, Autonomy and Distress. The purpose of video is to provide trainers, parents, teachers and family health professionals with exemplars of how to build safe, therapeutic and confidential environments in which parents can connect with their children.

The launch of Mellow Ability on 3 November at Glasgow’s Lighthouse, heard the personal reflections, triumphs and tribulations (getting access to education, mobility, services, accommodation and acceptance) of those parents and professionals who care for or help children with special needs (broad spectrum physical and mental disabilities and/or long-term debilitating health conditions).

Mellow Parenting is a Scottish Parenting Programme, trialled initially on Scottish Families in 1996 with a grant from the Department of Health.

Paisley City of Culture 2021

Support Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021… pass it on…

Fablevision Studios, which works with Paisley-based clients such as the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt Experience, The Tapestry of Renfrewshire and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), is supporting Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 .

The deadline for the latest stage is today at 10.30am, when the final bid will be delivered to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The judges will be weighing up the various competing bids thereafter before announcing the winner in December.

Go Paisley! Set another pattern!

Disability Confident

Fablevision Studios Renews its Commitment to Disability Confident

Fablevision Studios has renewed its commitment to employing disabled people and those with long-term health issues by signing up to Disability Confident, the successor to the “Two Ticks” programme.

Remembering the Solidarity movement

Fablevision on location in Gdansk

On this important anniversary of the Solidarity movement, Fablevision Studios’ team will be in Gdansk to film the latest stage of an artist-led residency project which stresses the importance of memory, place and community engagement in the regeneration of derelict post-industrial riverine locations.

Called Riverside Solidarity, the Scottish project is a Fablevision initiative in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Metropolitanka, the European Solidarity Centre and the European River Cities. Riverside Solidarity seeks to answer the question: “What should be the future for our now redundant industrial heritage?”

Like Gdansk, Govan’s proud shipbuilding history is now in the past. Govan has even lost its iconic cranes that defined the skyline. Local Govan people, supported by internationally-acclaimed artists T S Beall, Andrew McAvoy, John Mullen, Ben Parry and Lee Ivett, are exploring what should happen next with, for example, Govan’s iconic Victorian dry docks. Our project and people are looking to Gdansk for inspiration and support.

The Scottish delegation will present their projects to the public and engage in live interventions between 26th August and 2nd September 2017. You can catch up with the artists and be involved in their work.

The various residences are scheduled as follows:

26th August, John Mullen will set up a display of his memorial sign designed for the shipyard at the European Solidarity Centre’s event ‘Solidarity of the Everyday’ for a public consultation located at the 3rd floor of the ESC building, inviting people to leave a comment.

27th August, Ben Parry will lead the International Peripatetic Sculptors Society’s workshop at the shipyard’s premises with Gdansk residents and visitors between 10.30 and 16.00, departing from Plac Solidarnosci near the Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers.

31st August, Andrew McAvoy will showcase his Detonation Shed’s film project (in collaboration with Kris Kesiak) to the local audience at the St John’s Centre [Centrum Sw. Jana].

2nd September, T S Beall will lead a walk with members of Metropolitanka around the Gdansk shipyard area, highlighting and celebrating the use of poetry and song during the Solidarity movement. This event will also share songs and poetry from industrial actions in Glasgow. Join a poetic walk around the Gdansk shipyard between 11.00 and 13.00, departing from Gate No 2, Gdansk Shipyard.

The visit includes a two-day seminar, hosted by Gdansk’s own Baltic Sea Cultural Centre on the 31st August, and artists will present their projects followed by a guided visit around the shipyard to the sites of their interventions. Local Gdansk’s artists will join with international names to share ideas and learn from each other.

Professor Katarzyna Kosmala of the University of the West of Scotland said: “We are delighted Scottish artists’ projects, presentations and their live interventions in Gdansk will coincide with such an important annual celebration as the anniversary of the signing of the Gdansk agreement of the 31 August 1980, which links the heritage of Solidarity in parallel with local cultural public events.”

Govan Graving Docks image Beth McFarlane

New Image for CDPI

Fablevision Studios has created a new brand image and logo for the Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative [CDPI].

CDPI is a non-profit organisation set up with the aim of restoring and preserving industrial heritage sites such as the Govan Graving Docks in Glasgow and similar maritime assets on the Clyde for future generations.

Fablevision Studios is also producing a film documentary on the Govan Graving Docks which will look at their illustrious past and how they could be preserved and used in a sustainable way which would benefit local communities and further the cultural, leisure/tourism and maritime economy of the Clyde basin as a whole.

social enterprise shopping at SIS

Shop Social at Fablevision Studios

Fablevision Studios is now listed on Social Investment Scotland’s [SIS] shop social web page.

SIS provides a vital role in Scotland’s social enterprise sector by providing the loans and financial expertise that are so important to giving impetus to such enterprises and community-based organisations. Having a great idea is one thing, but having finance, advice and support, are pivotal for providing the platform necessary for sustaining and realising aims and objectives.

The shop social web page portal indicates the vibrancy of the social enterprise sector in Scotland – there is everything from manufacturing and retailing to a whole host of service providers across all sectors.

Funding Officer Wanted

If you have experience as a Funding Officer and would like to work for Fablevision Studios, please contact Liz Gardiner at info@fablevision.org at the earliest opportunity.

Fablevision Studios is a social enterprise media production company which specialises in HD video, graphics, web design, publications and event management.

For further information on the role, please see the attached job description for details. Deadline for applications is 30th June, 2017. This post has now been filled.

Govan-Gdandsk: Heritage, Regeneration and Alternative Futures

Alternative Visions for Urban Regeneration

Fablevision Studios has collaborated with the University of the West of Scotland to produce and publish “Govan-Gdansk: Heritage, Regeneration and Alternative Futures”, an academic overview of how artist residences (T S Beall, Nic Green, Lee Ivett, Tom Manley, Andrew McAvoy, John Mullen, Ben Parry, Roman Sebastyanski), under the auspices of project leaders, Professor Kataryzna Kosmala, Graham Jeffery and Elizabeth Gardiner, can act as a catalyst for facilitating community engagement in the development and regeneration of historic post-industrial riverside sites such the Gdansk Shipyard and the Govan Graving Docks.

The research offers a counterpoint and counter-narrative to conventional top-down urban regeneration which tends to be imposed by traditional power structures often with only cursory consultation and engagement with local communities.

Painting a Govan Institution

As part of the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery-sponsored project, “The Govan Fair: The Treasure in Our Midst”, Fablevision Studios asked Yvonne Nicholl, head of art at Govan High School, to set her S1, S2 and S3 pupils the task of expressing what this Govan institution means to them. The results show an impressive mix of artistic interpretations.

With special thanks to Kaci Alexander, Kiara Behjoo, Morgan Bolger, Chloe Brown, Courtney Cassidy, Kerry Craig, Josh Cumberland, Mark Docherty, Karalee Freeburn, Abbie Grimley, John Hackett, Carly Hislop, Eli Kepeva, Megan Lewis, Kayleigh Mackin, Shanaz Matts, Megan McCreadie, Barry Moore, Kaitlyn Murphy, Morgan Newall, Peter Niekorek, Julie Pyrcz, Amy Robb, David Rice, Angelika Rutkowska, Aime Smith, Taylor Stone and Rachel Thomson for all their efforts.

Fablevision and The Templars of Inchinnan

Fablevision Studios is collaborating with Inchinnan Historical Interest Group [IHIG] in the production of a series of short films (four) relating to its activities at and around the site of a former Knights Templar Church at All Hallows near Inchinnan, Renfrewshire. IHIG’s project involves geophysics, historical research, workshops, archaeology, model making, photogrammetry, Reflective Transformation Imaging [RTI], music and filmmaking.

The initial shoot will focus on the training of 12 archaeological volunteers in the use and application of geophysical survey techniques under the tutelage of an archaeologist, three experts in the field and Bill McCallum of IHIG.

Fablevision and Fashion Technology

Fablevision Studios will shortly be beginning a series of HD videos with subtitles and British Sign Language for Glasgow Clyde College’s NC-HND Fashion Technology courses based at the Cardonald campus. The work will provide supported video coverage of the units that make up this course and highlight the specific techniques used in the preparation and finishing of garments.

Over the last 30 years The School of Fashion and Textiles at the College has launched may a career in fashion as well as helping many students on to further studies at some of Scotland’s most prominent art schools and universities.

Valuing Emotional Intelligence

Fablevision is producing a series of short film clips – to be used alongside the 14-week Mellow Ability[MA] programme – to highlight discussion points and enhance and expand emotional learning in parents and children. This will be complemented by a series of photographic mood studies (i.e. cue cards) which will form part of MA’s service manual and content programme. There will also a short promotional film which will include interviews with members of Mellow Ability’s steering group and other stakeholders.

Mellow Parenting programmes are used in the UK and worldwide to support families with young children who experience challenging circumstances including disability, social pressure, prejudice and stigma.