Best Practice in Mellow Parenting

Fablevision Studios is working on a video compilation for Govan-based Mellow Ability. The programme, which will have a running time of around 12 minutes (1-2 minutes per section), will focus on six key dimensions under the headings: Responsiveness, Co-operation, Anticipation, Control, Autonomy and Distress. The purpose of video is to provide trainers, parents, teachers and family health professionals with exemplars of how to build safe, therapeutic and confidential environments in which parents can connect with their children.

The launch of Mellow Ability on 3 November at Glasgow’s Lighthouse, heard the personal reflections, triumphs and tribulations (getting access to education, mobility, services, accommodation and acceptance) of those parents and professionals who care for or help children with special needs (broad spectrum physical and mental disabilities and/or long-term debilitating health conditions).

Mellow Parenting is a Scottish Parenting Programme, trialled initially on Scottish Families in 1996 with a grant from the Department of Health.