Fablevision on location in Gdansk

On this important anniversary of the Solidarity movement, Fablevision Studios’ team will be in Gdansk to film the latest stage of an artist-led residency project which stresses the importance of memory, place and community engagement in the regeneration of derelict post-industrial riverine locations.

Called Riverside Solidarity, the Scottish project is a Fablevision initiative in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Metropolitanka, the European Solidarity Centre and the European River Cities. Riverside Solidarity seeks to answer the question: “What should be the future for our now redundant industrial heritage?”

Like Gdansk, Govan’s proud shipbuilding history is now in the past. Govan has even lost its iconic cranes that defined the skyline. Local Govan people, supported by internationally-acclaimed artists T S Beall, Andrew McAvoy, John Mullen, Ben Parry and Lee Ivett, are exploring what should happen next with, for example, Govan’s iconic Victorian dry docks. Our project and people are looking to Gdansk for inspiration and support.

The Scottish delegation will present their projects to the public and engage in live interventions between 26th August and 2nd September 2017. You can catch up with the artists and be involved in their work.

The various residences are scheduled as follows:

26th August, John Mullen will set up a display of his memorial sign designed for the shipyard at the European Solidarity Centre’s event ‘Solidarity of the Everyday’ for a public consultation located at the 3rd floor of the ESC building, inviting people to leave a comment.

27th August, Ben Parry will lead the International Peripatetic Sculptors Society’s workshop at the shipyard’s premises with Gdansk residents and visitors between 10.30 and 16.00, departing from Plac Solidarnosci near the Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers.

31st August, Andrew McAvoy will showcase his Detonation Shed’s film project (in collaboration with Kris Kesiak) to the local audience at the St John’s Centre [Centrum Sw. Jana].

2nd September, T S Beall will lead a walk with members of Metropolitanka around the Gdansk shipyard area, highlighting and celebrating the use of poetry and song during the Solidarity movement. This event will also share songs and poetry from industrial actions in Glasgow. Join a poetic walk around the Gdansk shipyard between 11.00 and 13.00, departing from Gate No 2, Gdansk Shipyard.

The visit includes a two-day seminar, hosted by Gdansk’s own Baltic Sea Cultural Centre on the 31st August, and artists will present their projects followed by a guided visit around the shipyard to the sites of their interventions. Local Gdansk’s artists will join with international names to share ideas and learn from each other.

Professor Katarzyna Kosmala of the University of the West of Scotland said: “We are delighted Scottish artists’ projects, presentations and their live interventions in Gdansk will coincide with such an important annual celebration as the anniversary of the signing of the Gdansk agreement of the 31 August 1980, which links the heritage of Solidarity in parallel with local cultural public events.”