Painting a Govan Institution

As part of the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery-sponsored project, “The Govan Fair: The Treasure in Our Midst”, Fablevision Studios asked Yvonne Nicholl, head of art at Govan High School, to set her S1, S2 and S3 pupils the task of expressing what this Govan institution means to them. The results show an impressive mix of artistic interpretations.

With special thanks to Kaci Alexander, Kiara Behjoo, Morgan Bolger, Chloe Brown, Courtney Cassidy, Kerry Craig, Josh Cumberland, Mark Docherty, Karalee Freeburn, Abbie Grimley, John Hackett, Carly Hislop, Eli Kepeva, Megan Lewis, Kayleigh Mackin, Shanaz Matts, Megan McCreadie, Barry Moore, Kaitlyn Murphy, Morgan Newall, Peter Niekorek, Julie Pyrcz, Amy Robb, David Rice, Angelika Rutkowska, Aime Smith, Taylor Stone and Rachel Thomson for all their efforts.