Social Enterprise in Action

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  • October 3, 2018

Fablevision Studios was among a number of media social enterprises (Media Co-op and Common Good Solutions) tasked with providing raw footage for Mikey Leung, Pete Dowson and co at Digital Storytellers to weave with their customary magic into a short review of this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 (SEWF18).

Studios’ team, Martina Amoretti, Diana Dumitrescu, Barbora Kruspanova and Chloe Noble, filmed at the GSEN and CEIS-organised walking tour of Glasgow-based social enterprises Wasps Studios, Theatre Nemo, Spoon Cafe, Project Ability and Impact Arts; the academic symposium held at Glasgow Caledonian University; the Zero Waste-Zero Carbon symposium held at The Experience; and a social enterprise competition modelled on the Dragon’s Den contested by Scottish primary and secondary schools at Callander Primary School, plus the announcement and launch party, with guest star, director and actor, Chris Addison (The Thick of It et al), at Callander Youth Project to celebrate the announcement that Callander is now Britain’s first Social Enterprise Place.
Diana Dumitrescu and Jack Hunter also covered the Masterclasses at the forum for the Canada-based Social Enterprise Institute CCC), and Gavin Taylor took charge of live streaming and relaying at the EICC, Edinburgh for the duration of the event.