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Woven Network Comes to Govan

Fablevision Studios and sister organisation, Fablevision, are working together on a high-profile European collaborative project entitled, Woven Network. This project involves lead artist ts Beall and 6 other Glasgow-based socially engaged artists – Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng, Deirdre Nelson, Audrey O’Brien, Ailie Rutherford, Donna Rutherford and Alex Wilde – working on Women’s Stories in Govan through the current health crisis. This will take the form of temporary art installations (e.g. creative interventions, pop-up or walking events, distanced/mobile performances, posters/flyers, etc.) in the public realm. The emphasis will be very much on the themes of care, caring and the role women have played during the Covid19 pandemic.

Studios’ role as one of the partners is to record the process through photography, film, social media, blogs and events between 1st February and 31st May 2021.

An additional project, funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, will require 8 of the women who have been involved in the artists’ interview process to self-identify as candidates to contribute fully developed and archived oral histories. The plan is that all of the work will be exhibited in various locations within the Govan area such as Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Kinning Park Complex.

While this project is locally-rooted and will be locally developed and delivered, it sits within the framework of an ongoing international collaboration led by Platform TU (Ukraine) in partnership with Intercult (Sweden). It is funded by Creative Scotland, in partnership with House of Europe (via Platform TU who are creatively directing and managing the website at,  and Creative Europe (via Intercult). Commissioned artists will create new temporary artworks in Govan, in solidarity with post-industrial waterfront communities across Europe, as part of a ‘glocal’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the local context, Fablevision Studios and Fablevison, and the artists, will be working with Govan-based partners and organisations such as Jim Craig of Fairfield Heritage, Kirsteen Mowat of Govan HELP, Jackie Sands of NHSGCC and Helen Kyle of STAGE and Scotland in Europe.